Creative Workshop Reflection

I found the creative collaboration activity from Monday fun.  In our group, we both had ideas that the other could work off of for the story maps.  I had a main story in mind and she had a song she wanted to base for story on.  I came up with a story for her and two possible endings based on things I had talked with her about before and so that she had room to decide what she wanted the characters to be like.  She made an outline for my story and helped me to choose an epigram to work from.


That story thought is one that some friends made up with me, so I probably won’t actually do that particular story.  I do plan to use that epigram though.  The other girl may or may not use my suggested story outline.  I’m not sure if she really liked the idea or not.  At least I know that I put good work into those suggestions.


That seemed to be the main problem.  Either side could easily throw down a story outline and characters that the other didn’t like at all.  Especially with how the partners were randomized, you weren’t sure of getting a partner that actually understood what you were interested in writing about.  Also, those that did less work caused the other to basically come up with everything for them for their possible use.  If we did that activity again, I would prefer to be able to choose partners to make sure that the workload is fair and that the other understands what you want to and don’t want to write about.


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