The Protector and the Capturer

A writer once wrote a curious thing

about those capable of great or terrible deeds.

Those who in heaven could sing

Can also follow where the way to hell leads.


Saints and sinners, both, throw off the shackles of this world

And stand against the pressures that would change their ways.

The main difference lies in the choice unfurled.

The saint submits themselves to God while the sinner rejects Him for their own ways.


Those who tend towards one type of good or evil then

Are equally capable of its antithesis.

The one who rescues and protects the weaker time and again

Could have been with his opponent, the one who tears the weak to pieces.


They both have power that most can’t resist.

They both have desires and the capability of ignoring society’s demands.

The capturer uses this to do what he wants and clutch everything to his fist

The protector, instead, lets kindness and compassion reign, and against the capturer stands.


The roles they play mean the two must constantly struggle against each other.

For the protector must constantly protect their flock,

While the capturer often hunts for one member for their flock or another.

The only way to the other is death or put them behind a lock.


They must, however, both be on their guards,

If the other they don’t want to become.

A slip of their self-control and corruption will throw down the protector like a house of cards.

A softening of their heart and love will make the capturer soar above.


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