An Unexpected Happening

[Scene: A Forest]

[Padawan Robinaven Won is lying on her back center stage, Squire Christopher Stanley is yet to come in]

Robinaven:(Wakes up, groaning a bit, then springs up and ignites her lightsaber, holding it in comba): Leave him alone, Sith. You have nothing against him. Master! (Then, breathing heavily, she notices her surroundings and extinguishes her weapon) Alright, where am I? This is definitely not Tatooine. And I couldn’t have been out that long. How in the galaxy did I get here?

Christopher: (Charges in, sword out, ready for action) Stand aside,Nun. I spotted a suspicious light that might have come from a foul beast here.

Robinaven: (In an aside to audience) And who the heck is he? Or a Nun?(Talking to Christopher) And pray tell, who are you and what sort of creature would have made this light?

Chris: (Taking a bow) I am Christopher Stanley, squire under Sir Gawain himself. (Righting himself and peering around) Heavens knows, what sort of beast could produce such a light. A dragon, a warlock, witch, heaven forbid Lancelot has joined forces with the devil and Morgan Le Fay and is now wielding their dark sorcery.

Robin: (Aside to audience) Great, a superstitious society. Better keep under wraps. (Talking to Christopher) Yeah, any of those would be bad for this country or this planet.

Chris: (Looking at Robin quizzically) Yes, it would be catastrophic for England, surely. But what is this planet you talk about?

Robin: (Looking a bit worried before recovering herself) I mean world, yes. It would be catastrophic for this world.

Chris: (Still looking quizzically on) Yes, if the trouble spread to the rest of the earth. Where is the rest of your sisters?

Robin: (A bit more nervous) In the nearby village. I wanted to walk in the woods a bit to ponder and think. I should be getting back.

Chris: Let me escort you then. With the possible creatures that light could have come from, it is not safe for a holy one such as you to walk alone

Robin:(More nervous, but seeing no way to get out of it) I would appreciate that. Thank you.

Chris: (In an aside to audience) It would be wise to keep an eye on this “holy one”. There’s a peculiarity to how the light and her were in the same place. And the queerness of her speech, she warrants watching.

(The two then walk off stage together, with Chris looking occasionally into the woods and then suspiciously at Robin)


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