Final Reflection

Blogging has been an interesting experience.  There’s the times where I had no idea what to post, so I threw something up there and hoped someone liked it.  There were the times where writing for the prompt was difficult, though manageable.  Then, there were the rare occasions I knew what I wanted to write, so I wrote it and posted it.


I know my posts have been pretty haphazard.  Random poems, stories that began but never continued.  Thank you, my readers, for putting up with it all.  Feel free to tell me what stories you want me to continue working on.  I have all these ideas and sometimes, it’s good to have an outsider’s perspective about what ideas are good or terrible.


Blogging itself has more felt like another assignment for me than anything else, even if a rather enjoyable one at times.  It was sort of a short paper due before class that I had far more liberty to work on than any essay.  I guess, blogging has been similar to a free write journal like I had in elementary school, sometimes we would have prompts we needed to write about but most of the time, the teacher let you write whatever you wanted.  I always had liked those journals and wished they had continued them in high school.


I may never continue my blogging for a while.  Once this isn’t a regular assignment anymore, there won’t be the time and energy to continue with this.  I’ll still come up with ideas and write them down.  It’s one of the true joys of my life.


9 thoughts on “Final Reflection

  1. I completely understand you feeling like you wrote haphazardly and all over the place- I struggled with that too! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts- you’re a really talented writer! Have a wonderful summer!


  2. You saying that you felt like blogging was a homework assignment reminded of the analogy the guest speaker gave last week on the ” White picket fence work and magical realism.”

    Sometimes it’s not a magical process, but I think blogging does have a place.

    Have a great summer, you made class fun by asking excellent questions.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us! It has been an absolute pleasure to read and I hope you continue to write, even if it isn’t for a blog!


  4. Loved reading your blog this semester, haphazard though it may be, it’s refreshing to not be constrained to one type of writing! Have a great summer, hope to see you next year!


  5. I am definitely the same in that sometimes I just throw something onto a word document and then post it! But reading even jigsawed ideas is interesting and I’ve loved reading your blog this semester! Have a great summer!


  6. I completely relate to the varying blog posts. You’ve presented great perspectives in your writing throughout the semester, and it’s been a real joy following your blogs. Have a great summer!


  7. I know what you mean about having no idea what to write about at times! It was certainly an enjoyable assignment, and it was fun to read everyone’s posts. I hope you continue with your blogging, even if it is no longer an assignment (although that will make it harder 🙂 ).


  8. The comparison to a writing journal is an apt one. Sometimes, you just have to write something even if you don’t know how it will work or if it is any good. As others have said here, that level of uncertainty is a pretty common trend. Nevertheless, there are also occasions when you write and everything “clicks,” here’s wishing you more of the later going forward!


  9. I appreciate your honesty about continuing your blog posting, and I totally relate to your reservations! It’s one thing to have time set aside to blog for homework, and another thing to intentionally set aside time to write in your free time. I’d encourage you to keep writing, no matter where it is!


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