Introducing George Bradson

The man sighed as he leaned back in his char.  As the sigh turned into a yawn, his long, finely muscular arms stretched past his chocolate brown hair  “So much paperwork, so little time,” he thought as stared at his desk.  “Why is the division supervisor coming down next Monday? We may be having trouble […]

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Should Grammar be taught?

Should there be a proper study of grammar in schools?  The article seems to say that such things don’t really help and are therefore better left out.  Overall, I’m still not sure.  I learned the basic parts of grammar and word categories such as noun, verb, and adverb through elementary school.  A friend of mine […]

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The Girl who Saw Auras

  Click, clack, click, the room echoed as the brunette’s fingers flew over the keys. Her mind raced, thinking through every possibility. Finally,…”Ah ha,” she silently smirked. “Got ya. Initializing download…now”   “About time too.” said a man, leaning on the doorframe. “I’m sure this is a five-star broom closet and all, but I would […]

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How Gendered is my Writing?

Elizabeth A. Flynn in her article “Composing as a Women” suggests that women tend to write their narratives with a greater emphasis on community and things accomplished as a group while men focus their narratives on individualism and self-achievement against great odds.  Lad Tobin in his article “Car Wrecks, Baseball Caps, and Man-to-Man Defense:  The […]

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My Writing Influences

While every person has their own writing style, reading stories influences how their style shapes.  When I was young, I read a lot of fairy tales, causing me to tend towards fairy tale-like intros such as in the first chapter of “The Prince and the Explorer.”  As I grew up, I started reading Timothy Zhan’s […]

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