Final Reflection

Blogging has been an interesting experience.  There’s the times where I had no idea what to post, so I threw something up there and hoped someone liked it.  There were the times where writing for the prompt was difficult, though manageable.  Then, there were the rare occasions I knew what I wanted to write, so […]

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An Unexpected Happening

[Scene: A Forest] [Padawan Robinaven Won is lying on her back center stage, Squire Christopher Stanley is yet to come in] Robinaven:(Wakes up, groaning a bit, then springs up and ignites her lightsaber, holding it in comba): Leave him alone, Sith. You have nothing against him. Master! (Then, breathing heavily, she notices her surroundings and […]

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The Author who Inspired Lott

Every author has their inspiration, someone or something they learn from and emulate until they learn their own style.  C.S. Lewis was inspired by George Macdonald, Tolkien from Norse Literature particularly “Beowulf,” and Lot from Carver, the author of the short story “Cathedral” we read towards the beginning of the semester, the first and so […]

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Jasper’s Army or How Jasper Came to Find His Wife (A Fairy Tale of Remnant) [Fan-made Fairy Tale for RWBY]

Jasper was considered the simplest of his father’s three sons by the village, not being as witty or clever or strong as they were. But he was a good lad and loved helping on the farm, especially the animals. His elder brothers considered the farm work beneath them, preferring instead to help their father fight […]

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The Protector and the Capturer

A writer once wrote a curious thing about those capable of great or terrible deeds. Those who in heaven could sing Can also follow where the way to hell leads.   Saints and sinners, both, throw off the shackles of this world And stand against the pressures that would change their ways. The main difference […]

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